Ethiopia Natural Noir

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Like fruity pebbles were smoked and kissed by an angel.

We take the traditional natural Ethiopia and take her alllllll the way to second crack and even a little past. This coffee is technically a French Roast, which, to specialty coffee professionals- is a ridiculous thing to behold. But to us, this is a historical flavor profile of Ethiopia and should not be overlooked. 

Even still today, Ethiopians grow their own heirloom coffee on their land, naturally process it on a tarp and roast it over a fire to entertain guests before brewing a HEAVY, DANK extraction of charred fruity coffee. It's a time honored tradition in Ethiopia to have this experience, and the flavor profiles to this roast are beautiful. It mimics the deep characteristics of classic New Orleans coffee but adds a depth of fruit that is unparalleled.  

Smoky blueberries with a hint of charred lemon and roasted pecan.

Delicate, smooth, velvet body.

Gentle, muted acidity. Heavy on the dank aftertaste of smoked fruits. 


This brews well in a French press, Electric percolator, any full immersion process, and makes a WILD aero press.