The Auburn Bar

    414 South Gay Street . Auburn, Alabama 36830 . 334.707.7946

Open      Sunday - Saturday 7am - 8pm

The Auburn espresso bar is an iconic venue for Mama Mocha's and the coffee community. The original roasting space was here as well as the orginal Gnu's Room Bookstore and Coffee House. 

It currently serves exquisite espresso beverages, hand brewed coffee, cans of southeastern brewed craft beer, loose leaf teas, pastries, art, Mama Mocha's Coffee cans and bulk bags and the occasional brunch or dinner & a movie. 

The event calendar is vast, including Movies, music, open mic nights, barista throw downs, science cafes, philosophy panels, yoga classes, art workshops and pop ups of all varieties. 

We offer delivery through tiger town to go and fetch me all week from 9am - 8pm.